CamPro 9mm 147 GR RNFP Bullets 1000 Box
CamPro 9mm 147 FP Canada CamPro 9mm 147 FP Winnipeg CamPro 9mm 147 RN Manitoba
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CamPro 9mm 147 GR RNFP Bullets 1000 Box

CAMPRO bullets offer one of the highest quality and value on the market. You now have the opportunity to use the same quality during competitions and while you practice.

Fast Toys is pleased to ship the Campro line all over Canada.


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The CamPro Quality : When Precision Matters
Year after year, CamPro projectiles acquired an excellent reputation among shooters from all around Canada. A combination of several parameters explains the reasons as to why our copper plated bullets are so valued and appreciated. We suggest you read the following to see what characterizes copper plated projectiles and above all what makes ours the best!

The Alloy : The Consistency of our Projectiles
The core material of our projectiles is composed of 2% antimony and 98% lead, a ratio usually used by major brands. Unlike some projectiles produced without attaching any importance to the amount of antimony, a fixed content of 2% of this latter is a guarantee of constant bullet ductility. This somewhat low content of antimony (which we can afford to use, thanks to copper plating) allows the bullet to adjust its form to the gun barrel shape. Also, our bullets are not cast but rather swaged, hence avoiding air bubbles entrapment which could unbalance the bullet. Swaging leads to a greater weight uniformity from bullet to bullet. Furthermore, this method slightly increases the projectile density.

The Copper Plating : The Reliability of our Projectiles
Our copper plating in itself is another advantage we have over competition. Indeed, while the usual thickness of the copper layer used in industry is 3 thousands of an inch, our experts add about 8 thousands of an inch. Thus, our projectiles completely restored the reputation of copper plated bullets which has been badly tarnished by the use of a too thin, low quality, copper coating. The high quality of our copper plating ensures that the coating will not be perforated or weakened during crimping, hence avoiding any splitting of the projectile during firing. Moreover, this high quality thick copper layer allows the safe use of magnum loads, resulting in higher velocity. There is no need to grease the bullet either as copper will protect the barrel and avoid lead fouling.  Furthermore, lead emission into the air is eliminated.

The Reform : The Uniformity of our Projectiles
The final step of our process is to reform the copper plated projectiles. While some manufacturers simply size the projectiles by forcing them into a die hole so that they do not exceed the maximum diameter, CamPro projectiles are reformed by pressing. During this operation, the diameter of the projectile expands so as to reach the ideal dimensions. High projectile to projectile diameter uniformity is thus obtained, contributing to a remarkable shot grouping.

Price per 1000 bullets. This is NOT loaded ammunition

Try them and judge for yourself !

Shoot Straight with CamPro !

Made in Canada!



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