CED Brass Tornado Pro Series Wet Tumbler
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CED Brass Tornado Pro Series Wet Tumbler

The CED Brass Tornado, Pro Series Tumbler, is the Reloader’s dream machine! It is the most technologically advanced wet rotary tumbler ever!

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Register your new CED Brass Tornado Tumbler at http://www.cedhk.com/tornado The CED Brass Tornado, Pro Series Tumbler, is the Reloader’s dream machine! It is the most technologically advanced wet rotary tumbler ever! This new Pro Series rotary tumbler incorporates features and functions that have never been offered on tumblers before. Now it is possible to “fine-tune” the brass cleaning process, the time spent, and the results achieved. The CED Brass Tornado incorporates so many features that others simply do not provide: Included Key Features: •- High strength, durable, 3.5L Acrylic CLEAR Drum •- Up to 8 kg (17.5 lbs. load capacity) •- Metal Housing Construction with Heavy Duty Motor •- Digital Control Panel with digital circuitry •- ON/OFF & START / PAUSE Selection •- Adjustable Speed Selection (up to 100 rpm) •- Variable Direction Mode (up to 20 minute intervals) •- Timer (15 min. to 3 hour settings) •- Alarm Notification •- Memory Setting •- Custom designed Filtration Cover •- LED Operation Indicators •- 3.5 lbs. Stainless Steel Media •- 110V or 220V Models available Wet Tumblers have been in existence for a quarter of a century now. Only a very few have been modified for use cleaning brass over the years, and all of those have offered only limited options and design. The CED Brass Tornado is the FIRST to feature variable speeds, variable forward / reverse direction options, On / Off / Start / Pause selection, up to a three-hour timer with alarm function, and memory. All in an advanced digital product designed by shooters for shooters! Featuring a high speed, powerful motor, a 3.5L tumbler drum capacity, which allows more than 450 -500 pistol or up to 300 rifle cartridges to be cleaned at a time. Capacity will vary depending on the caliber brass being cleaned. More and more shooters are “wet-tumbling” their brass (in liquid) with reusable stainless steel polishing media, rather than using traditional dry media in a vibratory tumbler. The “wet-cleaning” method works best with a rotary tumbler fitted with a water-tight, horizontal drum to hold the brass, cleaning solution, and stainless, pin-type media. Through extensive testing, CED has developed an excellent cleaning combination of stainless steel media, water, Lemi Shine, and Lyman Turbo Sonic Cartridge Cleaner, which when combined results in glistening clean brass cartridges, inside and out, including the primer pockets. Our recommended combination, even seem to remove “water spots” and residue leaving shinning, spotless brass that look like new! The tumbler consists of a re-sealable watertight drum, a driving system base on which to place the drum, and a motor to rotate the drum at ideal speeds of 40-60 RPM. The speed is important - too fast and centrifugal force will cause the cases and media to cling to the sides of the drum with virtually no cleaning action whatsoever. Too slow, and the cleaning process is inefficient and extremely time consuming. This is one of the single failures of other rotary tumblers on the market today. They offer only a “fixed” speed. Unfortunately, depending on the weight of the contents being cleaned, the drum will spin at different speeds. The CED Brass Tornado solves this problem by offering variable speed selection from 5 RPM up to 100 RPM, allowing the user to select a faster speed for heavy loads or a slower speed for smaller load sessions. The CED Brass Tornado is designed with a hexagon shaped drum, which dramatically improves the cleaning process by creating more “tumbling” movement of the cases as they rub against each other and the steel media, which in turn removes all of the fouling and thoroughly polishes the cases inside and out, including the primer pockets when de-primed cases are in use. The CED Brass Tornado a custom designed filtration cap that allows easy rinsing of the brass from the dirty water solution before separation and drying. Also included are 3.5 lbs. of stainless steel media, and a spare sealing O-ring. Also included are a sample of Lyman Turbo Sonic cleaner and Lemi Shine, an outstanding combination to produce “like new” results. The CED Brass Tornado comes with a complete two year warranty, and CED stocks a full line of replacement parts / accessories if ever needed. Net weight: 12 kgs. (26.4 lbs.) Dimensions: 27 W x 29 D x 32 H cm (10.75 W x 11.5 x 12.25” H) Register your new CED Brass Tornado Tumbler at http://www.cedhk.com/tornado View the tumbler in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBw9bLGxAMo

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